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Saggart Reservoir Project

Irish Water

Main Contractor:
Coffey Water

Right Group

Contract Value to Right Group:
€1.4 million

Project Overview

Right Group proudly contributed its expertise and technical excellence to the Saggart Reservoir Project, a vital piece of Irish Water infrastructure. This initiative, aimed to enhance water storage and distribution infrastructure, providing sustainable and reliable water services to the community in the Greater Dublin Area.

Our Key Contribution

Our technical expertise was paramount in this project. Right Group’s supply and integration of Motor Control Centres ensured the efficient and safe operation of pumps and other vital equipment, while our site-wide PLCs and automation solutions enhanced the overall control and monitoring of water treatment and distribution processes.

Scope of Works

In the capacity of the main electrical contractor, Right Group played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s success. We were responsible for the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and site-wide Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and automation systems. Our dedication to precision engineering and advanced automation technologies ensured the seamless operation and control of critical water distribution processes within the Saggart Reservoir site


The Saggart Reservoir Project marks a significant milestone in the enhancement of water infrastructure for the region, enabling Irish Water to provide a more resilient and efficient water supply. Right Group’s contribution was instrumental in achieving the project’s objectives And exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence in electrical engineering, automation, and control solutions.

By providing essential electrical components and systems, we contributed to the success of this crucial infrastructure project . Our partnership with Coffey Water and Irish Water underscores our reputation as a leading electrical contractor in delivering mission-critical solutions for water infrastructure projects.