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Control and Power Distribution Panels

Our Specialised Services

We lead the way in automation and instrumentation services, ensuring the seamless operation and ongoing reliability of your critical systems. Our comprehensive range of offerings covers a wide array of specialised services:

Motor Control Centres (MCC)

Right Group in Ireland specialises in the design and supply of Motor Control Centres (MCC) tailored to meet the unique requirements of water treatment applications. These MCC panels provide precise control over a variety of equipment, including motors equipped with Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and Direct-On-Line starters (DOLs), optimising operational efficiency and safety in water treatment processes. Panels can be Form 1 to Form 4 in construction and WIMES Compliant where required.

LV Distribution Boards

We provide Low Voltage (LV) Distribution Boards designed to efficiently distribute power to various systems within your facility. Our LV Distribution Boards ensure the reliable supply of electricity to support your operations.

Control/Automation and Telemetry Panels

Our Control/Automation and Telemetry Panels are engineered to facilitate precise control and automation of your treatment processes. These panels improve efficiency and accuracy in monitoring and controlling your systems.

PLC's and Associated Programming

We offer Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) along with associated programming services. PLCs are integral in automating and controlling various processes, ensuring optimal performance.

Form 1 to Form 4 Construction

Right Group provides construction services ranging from Form 1 to Form 4. These constructions adhere to industry standards and are tailored to the specific requirements of your project, ensuring safety and reliability. Panels can be WIMES compliant if required.

Full CAD Layout Drawings and Schematics

Our team employs advanced Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create detailed layout drawings and schematics. These documents are instrumental in planning and ensuring the precise construction of your control and distribution panels.

Thorough Factory Acceptance Testing

After panel construction is completed, every panel undergoes a comprehensive and documented factory acceptance testing procedure. This rigorous testing ensures that each panel meets industry standards and functions flawlessly.

On-Site Commissioning

Once the panels leave our workshop, they are subject to rigorous on-site commissioning procedures (SAT). This final phase ensures that the panels integrate seamlessly with your systems, contributing to the successful completion of your project.

Our Commitment to the Water and Wastewater Sector

Right Group in Ireland has a strong presence in the water and wastewater sector, with a track record of successfully contributing to projects in this industry. We are dedicated to enhancing water infrastructure, supporting environmental sustainability, and ensuring the responsible management of this invaluable resource.