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Off-Site Fabrication & Assembly

Precision Engineering Beyond Boundaries

Our Specialised Services

Off-Site Fabrication and Assembly

At Right Group, located in Ireland, we excel in off-site fabrication and assembly, an essential component of streamlining project execution, reducing on-site disruption, and ensuring superior quality control. Our services encompass a range of specialised offerings.

Right Group have a deep portfolio of work on major projects in Ireland,

Overall Design and Plant Layout

Our experienced teams collaborate closely with clients to craft comprehensive design and plant layout solutions tailored to the specific needs of the project. These designs incorporate the most efficient use of space, equipment placement, and logistics planning, ensuring seamless implementation on-site.

Specific Design Calculations – Electrical and Mechanical

Our expert engineers conduct precise electrical and mechanical design calculations. These calculations are based on industry standards and regulations, ensuring the reliable and efficient operation of electrical and mechanical components.

Structural Engineering Calculations

The structural integrity of your project is paramount. Our structural engineers perform rigorous calculations to ensure that all components are designed to withstand their intended loads, enhancing the safety and durability of your structures.

3D Modelling (Navisworks and Solidworks)

We employ state-of-the-art 3D modelling software, including Navisworks and SolidWorks, to create detailed representations of your project. This advanced technology allows us to visualise every aspect of the design and identify potential clashes or issues before they arise on-site.

Full Fabrication and Offsite Assembly

We offer complete fabrication and off-site assembly services for a wide range of treatment and pumping applications. Our expert technicians meticulously fabricate components according to the project’s specifications, ensuring every piece aligns with the design and quality standards. Off-site assembly allows for precise fitting and functionality testing before systems are transported to the project site.

Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount in every step of our off-site fabrication and assembly process. We adhere to the strictest industry standards and quality control procedures, ensuring that each component is constructed to the highest specifications.

Reduced On-Site Disruption

Off-site fabrication and assembly minimize on-site disruption. By preassembling and testing components in a controlled environment, we reduce project risks and expedite installation. This approach also enhances safety by reducing on-site activities.

Our Commitment to the Water and Wastewater Sector

Right Group has a strong presence in the water and wastewater sector, with a track record of successfully contributing to projects in this industry. We are dedicated to enhancing water infrastructure, supporting environmental sustainability, and ensuring the responsible management of this invaluable resource.