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Lough Conn Water Treatment Plant Electrical Upgrade

Uisce Éireann (Irish Water)

Project Overview

Right Group was entrusted with a pivotal role in the Lough Conn Water Treatment Plant Electrical Upgrade, an essential project within Irish Water’s larger program of works. This initiative aimed to address known asset deficiencies and modernize a range of water and wastewater treatment works sites, reservoirs, and pumping stations. The purpose of this project was to enhance compliance, reduce risks, and prolong the operational life of existing assets, encompassing a wide array of electrical improvements and installations.

Project Purpose

The primary objectives of the Lough Conn Water Treatment Plant Electrical Upgrade were to deliver:

  • Appropriate electrical installations.
  • Appropriate electrical protection measures.
  • Appropriate electrical control systems.
  • Appropriate standby power provisions and controls.
  • Rectification of electrical or health and safety issues highlighted in periodic inspection reports.
  • Certification of electrical installations, ensuring their compliance with industry standards.

Comprehensive Scope of Work

As the main contractor for this project, Right Group undertook a multifaceted scope of work, including but not limited to:

  • Conducting a detailed site investigation to identify existing conditions and challenges.
  • Collaborating with the client through a series of workshops to define the project’s detailed scope and objectives.
  • Crafting overall design and layouts to guide the project’s development.
  • Upgrading the medium-voltage (MV) incomer with a new transformer to enhance power supply reliability.
  • Designing and installing new low-voltage (LV) distribution switchgear and associated mains cabling to optimize electrical distribution.
  • Generating detailed design drawings and performing specific design calculations to ensure the precision of all components.
  • Developing a comprehensive control philosophy to govern the operation of the upgraded systems.
  • Preparing electrical schematics and layout drawings to guide construction and installation.
  • Supplying the Motor Control Center (MCC), instrumentation, and all associated cabling for a seamlessly integrated electrical system.
  • Implementing a full Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and automation package to enhance system efficiency.
  • Upgrading emergency lighting and general lighting to enhance safety and illumination.
  • Significant Civil and Construction works to upgrade the MV Substation and
  • Site administration building.
  • Commissioning and certification
  • Delivering comprehensive handover documentation and as-built drawings to facilitate the smooth transition of the upgraded facility to the client.


The Lough Conn Water Treatment Plant Electrical Upgrade project underscored Right Group’s commitment to excellence in electrical engineering and automation solutions. By successfully modernizing key electrical components and systems within this critical facility, we played an integral role in ensuring the long-term reliability and sustainability of this vital infrastructure. Our partnership with Uisce Éireann (Irish Water) exemplifies our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the ongoing improvement of essential water treatment works.